A bit about pouring…

I’ve been trying to come up with blog material that might be informative, and so want to take this time to talk about “pouring” your paintings. This is an incredibly fun technique where the basic principle involves pouring paint over wet paper, after masking out the areas you don’t want to hold the color with a resist of some kind.

Most often the resist is masking fluid… it can be painted on with a brush, stick, piece of rope, a ruling pen, etc. It can even be splattered on with a toothbrush. If you use a paint brush, however, you should NOT use your good brushes. Very often masking fluid will dry in the brush and it’s like dried glue. You can use lighter fluid or something called Goo Gone to remove it from your brush, but you’ll have to work at it for a while. If you brush it on, clean your brush with water often to keep it wet… the masking fluid will dissolve in the water as long as it has not started to dry.

See the steps I illustrate below explaining the process I went through on these portraits:

MAY-imagePouring your paintings takes a bit of strategy to figure out, but I love to paint this way. It exemplifies some of the most exciting aspects of painting in this wonderful medium: the flow of the paints, the mingling of colors on the paper, and the mystery of not really knowing what your painting is going to look like ahead of time. TRY IT… IT’S SO MUCH FUN!

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